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The Port of Port Royal


We are making progress daily towards the development of the Port of Port Royal.

The future residential lots at the end of 13th Street are shaping up. We've cleared away the underbrush, making it possible to walk out to the bluff and get an idea of just how beautiful these lots are. High on a 25 foot bluff, these future homes have gorgeous sunset views.

residential lots residential lots

The Port of Port Royal

Current Development Plans and History of The Port at Port Royal

Port Royal, SC was first discovered in 1562 by French explorer Jean Ribaut. It was one of the first known European settlements in the Western World. Throughout the 1600 and 1700's, Port Royal served as an important port of trade throughout the Southeast and Carribean Islands. It's deep natural channel and strategic positioning directly between Savannah and Charleston established Port Royal as a coveted military outpost. It's Union occupation during the Civil War is well regarded as the Union army's most strategically important wartime naval possesion. Post Civil War, Port of Port Royal experienced diminishing commerce and ultimate obsolesence as the neighboring harbors of Savannah and Charleston established their dominance. In recent history, the Port was used to transport goods, and the railroads purchased adjacent property along the shore to lay tracks to the Port. In 2003, the Ports Authority closed the Port and the State put the property up for sale to the public. After a long struggle to wrestle control away from the South Carolina State Ports Authority, this property is now finally in private hands and available for redevelopment. Local article of sale of Port of Port Royal

The Port is currently the site of a planned Commercial and Residential development. With 2.1 miles of waterfrontage on the deepest natural channel on the Eastern seaboard, the opportunities for this property are prime. The purchase includes 312 acres total with 56 upland acres. Current plans include a 225 slip marina, a deepwater hotel, high-bluff residential, a deepwater mooring field, multi-family residential, and a restaurant and retail village. View a 2011 conceptual of the development plan. This conceptual is not the current development plan.

Port Royal, SC